Nexx Digital

NEXX Digital designs, manufactures and markets high quality accessories for smartphones and tablets as well as smart lifestyle gadgets. All products by NEXX combine the latest fashion trends with gadget functionality at the forefront of design. Being in love with consumer electronics for more than a decade, we know how to create the perfect harmony between consumers and their gadgets. Our products are designed to enhance the functionality of gadgets allowing consumers to enjoy their favourite activities and hobbies.
Established in 2002, NEXX Digital was formed amongst consumer electronics market professionals and innovation enthusiasts. For more than a decade the company has continued to create the most innovative products, featuring a high quality finish and remarkable design to match consumers expectations.
In 2002 NEXX Digital presented its first CD MP3-player, recognised at the time as the world’s slimmest on the market. NEXX Digital was also one of the first companies to develop flash & HDD MP3-players. Very soon NEXX enjoyed tremendous success with more innovative products – flash MP3-player in a metal case, ultra-compact 5GB HDD MP3-player and the ultra-slim MP4-player with colour LED-display. The overwhelming success of these products led to NEXX Digital acquiring an impressive 30% market share in Eastern Europe.

In 2006 NEXX Digital was awarded the prestigeous “EFFIE Brand of the Year” Annual National Award, honouring major achievements in brand building. In 2009 our portable DVD-player was selected as ‘Product of the Year’ at CEP Expo 2009, the biggest consumer electronics fair in Eastern Europe.
In 2007 NEXX enhanced its product line with new, in demand product categories: portable DVD-players, digital photo-frames, e-books and PNDs. 
Bringing the company into the present day, in 2013 NEXX Digital were thrilled to announce the launch of a new and exciting product line: accessories for smartphones & tablets.
NEXX Digital continues to merge fashion trends with gadget functionality, presenting bold new looks with creatively inspired designs.
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